2016 Baby D*cks

Happy F*cking New Year.

Just been working on a few things so haven’t been updating. And to be honest, I get tired of people lurking and biting and then acting like they don’t you know in the streets. Yeah, you know who you are you no style havin’, no good taste havin’, sloppy party slob fuck boys and girls…GTFOOH and eat 2016 bags of baby d*cks. Tired of you.




Ha ha just kidding, not everyone–just some of you’s… like I said…the lurking ass secret squirrel suckas out there.

As far as an update, there will be a dope, new portfolio and e-commerce Ashknuckles site for all things hip hop, photo, DJing/events, etc. The content for this site will eventually be for something else I have in mind 🙂

Get yours 2016.