Product Review: SpaRoom Essentials AromaMist


Turn the studio or office into the club–I mean spa with this ultra fly essential oil diffuser and humidifier. The SpaRoom Aroma Mist stays true to it’s tagline “instant aromatherapy.” Perfect, simple healing for a fast-paced, slick world of instant gratification, instant results and Instagram. The Aroma Mist is lightweight, easy to use and most importantly…super vibey! About the size of a 45″ vinyl record, this life quality enhancing tool will run you about $50. retail. Create a copastetic atmosphere anywhere. Quiet and soothing, the Aroma Mist cultivates a healthy, sexy ambiance with neon LED lighting in 3 different setting options.

The pink LED option glows more like a rich and vibrant magenta hue which relates to and stimulates the root (first) chakra and/or the 4th (heart) chakra. The blue LED light brightens and activates your 5th (throat) chakra assisting activation in all forms of communication. Lastly, the multicolor LED setting covers the entire color spectrum of the 7 chakras and more! By far my favorite color therapy setting, multicolor mode morphs effortlessly into each varying shade from green to lime, yellow, orange, red, pink, violet, indigo and blue. The combination of the light color therapy and aromatherapy is quite invigorating, perfect for transforming any space into a therapeutic space portal.

Start your day off right with rejuvenating lemongrass or ginger essential oil! Turn down with relaxing lavender. Turn down for what? For growth, health and healing.