Introducing Parallax

You know I got a soft spot for all my fellow hip hop heads out there.  This young mc out of London submitted his video and bio for review, I’m not mad. I give props to any person trying to pursue their dreams, especially by representing the true culture of hip hop.

Personally, I try not to be too preachy or judgmental towards rappers or artists doing the braggadocio/women/money/cars thing, as I see it as “to each’s own,” and you gotta have all sides of the scale. Plus, not to mention, many “underground” or “real hip hop” rappers and mc’s are not exempt from the mistreatment or misogynistic attitudes towards women in their real lives, even if their personas and art don’t portray it. What I suggest to any young hip hop artist trying to do the culture correct is just that. Do the culture correct, and don’t talk about, bring attention to or judge other artists for what they are doing as they are representing them.  Do you. Represent yourself. Shine your light and those who choose to notice, will. Stay true to yourself. Learn to fill a void within the scene without bringing others down, it just makes you look like a hater or a preacher.

Parallax, you got the right idea as far as production/beats/sound, and a good visuals to match. I definitely feel you’re on the right path. There’s a certain formula that’s become a standard in hip hop which I believe you are meeting. However, any artist that wants to make history needs to break molds and standards. Keep it pushing, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you got for us in the future.