Magical Moon Manifesting

Full Moon in Leo is upon us! The ripe, gorgeous moon shall bless us with her magical and powerful presence tomorrow Friday, February 14, 2014 at approximately 3:54 PM. This is an opportune time to do any internal and spiritual work! This means intention setting, clearing away of negative energy or anything unwanted…time to LET GO! A problem I know so many of us have, including myself. You are completely supported by the divine in this due to “The Finger of God” that is happening in the sky. “The Finger of God” refers to when certain planets, specifically the moon, Pluto and Venus, come into conjunction, moving and creating a certain energy. Now is the time to focus your attention on you, your thoughts, intentions, life goals and how you are feeling…take inventory if you will. The moon in Leo essence is about joy, so you need to ask yourself “what is it that I need to drop and let go of to create and attain joy for myself?” Full Moon manifestation is about dropping the unnecessary and picking up your power, stepping into your light and true purpose. What is your true purpose? Your true purpose is to know that you are a reflection and expression of The Divine–AT ALL TIMES. This means whether you are overweight, underweight, employed, unemployed, with or without a Valentines Boo.

The invisible world is there to assist us with any manifesting we need help with. You do not see this world but it’s always there. You can communicate with it, you just need to tune in. It’s work, but the benefits are well worth it and most often life changing.

If you are interested in making any crystal healing elixirs, now is the best time. I started last night. I am making a rose quartz/amethyst/citrine elixir, an amazonite elixir, carnelian and an azeztulite elixir for someone I know with cancer. If you do not know about crystal elixirs I highly recommend “Love is in the Earth” by Melody and “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall. Both books are great resources and I have gained much knowledge by reading and referencing them. I will also do a specific blog post on them soon to break them down in more detail. If you would like to know future full moon dates for Los Angeles (or other places) so you can prepare for the next one please check The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Life is happening! Embrace it and don’t let it slip away…

Make it happen.