GMObama Trojan Horse

Monsanto threatens the success and lives of organic farmers, humans and the world!


I don’t really like any politicians to begin with, but I try to do my part as a voting American with rights. It’s usually pretty much about the lesser of two evils for me, with this last election posing more hope with a person of color as the President in his 2nd term. But at the end of the day, the President is more like a “front man” if you will; the manager of McDonald’s. He’s not really the owner of the franchise if you smell what I’m sayin’. That’s not to say that the President doesn’t have juice and doesn’t have any influence–he definitely has influence. Especially our President being the media darling that he is, and knowing how to capitalize off Hollywood and high visibility. Obama’s got juice for sure. But if you know anything about real politics, if you really follow the issues and what goes on–and if you really listen to Hip Hop music like you say you do–it’s all about the corporations and the money holders of America; therein lies the true power.

That being said, I really tried to give it a go and have a positive outlook towards Obama. But I just can’t help feeling disappointed when it comes to this issue of labeling GMO’s. I’m quite disgusted at the fact that in 2007, during his campaign trail in Des Moines, Obama did say that as president he would let us Americans know if our food was being genetically modified because we deserved to know what we are buying. Empty promises are like one night stands. They often sound and feel good in the moment, but don’t end up meaning shit in the long run. Sure it felt good, sure it was fun. But can you depend on a memory of a good time for what you’re are trying to build for your future? It felt good for that moment, but ultimately leaves you feeling empty.

On March 26, 2013, GMObama signed HR993 which contained what food activists are calling the Monsanto Protection Act into law. This is a huge outrage amongst organic farmers and pretty much anyone who gives a fuck about what the hell they are eating, buying and putting into their bodies. One would think a simple solution really is to just stick to buying organic and keep it moving, right? It’s not that simple and this will effect many people but mainly organic farmers and consumers. Not everyone is capable, or can afford to always buy organic and it definitely won’t help the farmer suicide rate.

HR933 really has to do with money. Continuation of funds, transferring of funds for programs, grants, services, etc. Actually, alot of that money looked like it was needed for important programs for things such as wildlife, nature and agriculture to rent assistance programs—even domestic special foods programs for women, infant and children (WIC). It’s unfortunate there happened to be language regarding the “Farmer Assurance Provision” and “Plant Protection Act” which seemed to slip through and is perceived as “the insertion of the biotech rider in a backroom deal with corporate lobbyists and Senate leaders” by activists. The language in the FAP and PPA happen to protect Monsanto and other farmers that use biotechnology to engineer food/seeds from further legal litigation based off the notion GMO’s are proven to be healthy or not. Basically, allowing the sale, seed and crop of genetically modified foods without further question or interference. This ultimately threatens the success of organic farmers and the health of humans!

HR933 seems like standard occurrence that needed to be signed. Included were a lot of community service grants, money for Native Americans and other positive, useful funding. I just don’t understand why we can’t have our food labeled. We have a right now know what’s in our food, what we are consuming. It’s a basic right that we have that 62 other countries already appreciate and administer.

Food Democracy Now is doing something to help your voice be heard.

Things Just Ain’t the Same…

“Don’t do a politician favours/They comin all size colour, shapes and flavours/And dem introduce to violent behaviours/And push come to shove not even dem can save us” – Damien Marley