Natural Product Expo West Recap

This year’s Natural Products Expo West was hectic as usual. I’ve been the last 4 years, but each time it’s grown substantially and will only continue to grow as people become more aware of the importance of going natural and organic.  Anyone from distributor, to buyer, to media, to consumer attendee pretty much had their work cut out for them in a world where “doing business comes naturally.” It always ceases to amaze me how many incredibly smart, knowledgable and friendly people I meet. Most of the people you’ll meet are there for the right reasons besides doing business; bettering one’s lifestyle by way of enrichment, diet, nutrition, knowledge and sustainable living. It’s here that you are going to see new brands, new products, old brands, your favorite natural product brands, cutting edge information and trends, organic farmers, dietitians, doctors, nutritionists, entrepreneurs and much more. My favorite section is probably the health and beauty products portion, but I appreciate the hot foods, supplements, and ingredients areas as well.

With hundreds of brands showcasing, it’s really hard to give them all the shine they deserve so I kept it to my favorites, friendliest and the ones that stood out to me.

You know I’m about my teas…

Q Trade show off their flowers : )


Q Trade Teas & Herbs…Certified Organic…yup! 


Pukka Herbal Teas

Pukkah Herbals had an excellent display this year at Expo West. These were definitely some of my favorite teas at the trade show this year. I loved their “Vanilla Chai,” “Chamomille & Vanilla,” and especially their “Love” (organic rose, chamomile & lavender flower) teas…heart warming yet delicious!


Hugo Naturals understands and cares very much about the value of presentation. I can always appreciate what they bring to the show each year with their colorful displays and unique marketing.                                  


Yes, that is a slice of heavenly soap that looks like dessert! It smelled just as lovely as it looks…delicious! Lush body creams, titillating bath scrubs and soothing Easter themed bath fizzes to make your bathing experience divine!   


I’m not a huge fan of Easter, but I always enjoy what Hugo brings to the show each year when it comes to visual presentation. I enjoy their color palettes, festive themes and their ability to capture their consumer’s eyes.


Trade show attendees taking advantage of samples for the taking…


Who doesn’t love colorful presentation, scented soaps and things for your bubble bath? 🙂


Body care by Hugo & Deborah


Hugo Natural Soap Carving artist hard at work…


We love die-cut soaps…yee


Carving art out of the stuff that makes you…so fresh ‘n’ so clean…


You give me butterflies 🙂


Cut-out butterfly wings…what more can you ask for?


The sketches before the carving…                                                                                        


Thank you Hugo & Debrah Naturals! I truly enjoyed your visual merchandising this year 🙂


Now moving on to the next booth… I don’t recall who’s booth this was, but I love to see all these luscious ingredients together!

Only the finest…


J.R. Watkins always has the cutest vintage typography and packaging…

J.R. Walkins Natural Products…


J.R. Walkins always has the coolest vintage cart at their display booth! I see it every year and never get tired of it–or the Vanilla Extract samples they give out. They opted to downsize the sample size this year but they are still just as cool, cute and delectably vanilla 🙂


The next booth absolutely caught my eye for obvious reasons. I was interested in checking these puppies out more thoroughly, however, there was a man starring at me nearby which made it very awkward so I just kept it moving..

Yes, I’m all about making love organic…okay?


I’m definitely feeling the lace “massager”…cute!                                                                                                     


Plant Life Natural Body Care had the essential oils poppin’ which were a great price and value for the size.

We love essential oils!


No Miss Ltd Cosmetics weren’t the friendliest people at the show. I dug this Super Size Chocolate Natural Lip Healer though which were available at the end of the show for purchase for only $5. I forgot to go back to grab one.

No Miss LTD Cosmetics


No Miss Ltd Cosmetics Super Size Natural Lip Healers


Henna artists doin’ what they do…



Giovanni Cosmetics is probably one of my favorite brands! I originally found them at Erewhan Market in Los Angeles but have now started to see them at Whole Foods, CVS, and Rite Aid. I use their “Smooth as Silk” Shampoo and Conditioner all the time. It makes my hair super silky, manageable and shiny! This year they previewed their “Avocado & Papaya Butter” line which I cannot wait to try.

One of my favorite brands…Giovanni Cosmetics!                                                     


The Seaweed Bath Co. fights flaky skin naturally…


I dig Thayers Natural Remedies vintage aesthetic and look…

Thayer’s zinc supplement |


Thayers vintage artifacts…very fresh! |


I’d have to say Adam Tea representatives were by far some of the friendliest, most interesting and knowledgable people I met at the show this year. The kind lady on the right is their creative director and had great storytelling skills regarding the history and story of Shri Lankan Ceylon Tea in regards to Adam Tea. I really enjoyed speaking with her, her vibe and hearing about the story of Adam Tea. Thank you Adam Tea for plethora of amazing tea samples! I intend to have a different one every night of the week!

New distributors Adam Tea were by far one of the best sales people and friendliest I had met throughout the entire trade show.             


Nature’s Gate represented this year with variations of their cleansing milks and shower gels…can’t wait to try them soon!

Nature’s gate moisturizers, cleansing milks and gels…


Boca Foods had it poppin’.. I was not mad! LOL. These veggie burgers were deeelish and the booth rep was totally sweet 🙂

Boca Foods…this was delicious!


Boca Foods chicken nuggets….super tasty!


Boca Foods chik’n veggie nuggets…yum for ya tums…


Pacific Hazelnut Chocolate Non-Dairy Beverage….can you say SUPER BOMB?!
Yes, I said Hazelnut Chocolate… MMMM!


Indigo Wild natural goat’s milk Zumbar soap…creamy goodness


Can’t go wrong with Dr. Bronner’s products…love ’em all!


Dr. Bronner’s even makes coconut oil…:)                               


Humphreys Pharmacal products…


Personal facials complimentary of Reviva Labs… Of course I couldn’t resist, I later treated myself to one as well…


She was so sweet and really loved her work


Everybody wants Ciao Bella Gelato!


Ciao Bella Gelato was divine and heavenly…


Zico Coconut water had a cool palm tree ice sculpture (no pun intended). Also, this year they displayed chocolate flavorted coco water which was surprisingly smooth and delicious.


I normally try to stay away from “corn” things…but…I can’t front—these were delicious. So chewy and soft…and the flavor
was very bomb. Briess Malt Ingredients


Briess Malt & Ingredients


Hey…your pants are too tight…


Ziggy representin’…

Ziggy Marley Organics


Tony from Ziggy Marley Organics


Free chair massages anyone?


I had to take advantage of my free massage. I waited in line…and I don’t do lines!


I looooved this little product by Super Body Care! It wasn’t thrilled about the packaging, but I liked the product. You crack it open to release essential oils! Super small and great for your linens drawer, purse, car or being on the go… great idea.

Essential oils deodorizer…crack it to open it


The smallest yet most potent deodorizers ever! Infused with essential oils


The salesman at the booth pictured below was a TOTAL PRICK. But it seems to be a good product so I included it anyways…SMH

Spa Vapor Essential Oil Diffusers.


I really enjoyed tasting Macro Life Naturals Nutrient Rich Super Food. All the flavors were pretty good and the staff was extremely friendly and knowledgable.

Macro Life Naturals – Non-allergen gluten-free super foods! These were deelish


Ladies reppin’ the Tibetian steez…


I was particularly interested in this product from Alkalife. pH Booster Drops for your water! What…that’s what’s up!

Alkalife Products…making your water better!


Alkalife TEN water…pH 10!


Emerald Labs Coenzymated multi-vit-A-mins       


A taste of heaven on earth…

These were the most delicious caramels ever made in the history of mankind. With the salt too? Forghettaboutit


Bourbon Vanilla Salted Caramel…*drool*


Cot dayum these were SO GOOD! BOMB.


Evolution Fresh cold pressed juices…incredibly tasty                                                     


Organic apple juice…the new crack!


Micheal Roger Decomposition Books…WE LOVE WOODGRAIN and CORK designs!                        


Michael Roger books… They gave me this Decomposition Book for keeps and I absolutely love it. Perfect for writing poems, thoughts, raps, rap lists, grocery lists…you know, the usual…


Micheal Rogers Decomposition Books…                                                      


Pancakes…soft and fluffy


Hammond Candies gourmet soft and chewy caramels


Harbor Creek Farms…”Making crabby people happy”


Harbor Creek Farms savory samples…



Harbor Creek Farms…very charming…



Harbor Creek Farms…fresh and yummy


That concludes my mini summary one of my favorite trade show the Expo West. Check back for a post on my “Expo West Favorite & Best Samples.”