1/21 – The Internet @ Perhspace

Finally got a chance to peep out one of my favorite music acts at the moment, Odd Future’s The Internet. I’m particularly interested in kid wonder, Syd the Kyd. I have a few of her remixes that I enjoy and always seem to go over well when DJing. What caught my attention about The Internet’s music was Syd’s soothing and hypnotizing vocals initially, then later the dark yet humorous video that came along with them.

The Internet performs well live and they have young, fresh sound and chemistry together. Syd live was a bit underwhelming, but I didn’t mind. I actually loved it and was juiced to see and absorb her in person–in an intimate, small setting.  They didn’t perform my personal favorite jam “Love Song“, but they did their popular fav’s you’d expect to hear. There’s something about her sleepy, non-challant, effortless, unrehearsed demeanor I can appreciate after being around so many desperate, thirsty, trying too hard, ego maniac, self absorbed, fame grubbing personality types dealing with the music industry and night life. I hope to see more of this band and I expect big tings in the future.