Community Salute: Mr. Wisdom

Pretty much fell in love with community elder, Mr. Wisdom. The wise one grows and sells organic wheatgrass and offers spiritual upliftment for the Slauson/Los Angeles community. His heart is wide open, his eyes are honest. He is of the Krishna faith so if you visit on a Sunday and chant with him, he will feed you a vegetarian feast made with love. Upon your visit, you must try his home-made organic Rejuvelac.

“Your health is your wealth” reads on a plywood sign that hangs comfortably on the wall #preach.

A tour to the rear “wheatgrass farm” reveals nothing but conscientious, honorable, hard work–something you don’t see as much these days. Mr. Wisdom custom built by hand the collapsable table used for cultivating the wheatgrass; his trustworthy contraption.

The best part about my visit was when 8 year old babygirl hugged him and asked, “Can I have a veggie burger?”